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Please use this bellow given educational video on how to avoid Burnt Taste or Dry hit????

To avoid leaking issue from the mouth tip of the atomizer, here are few tips: (READ THE USER MANUALAS WELL FOR COMPLETE INFO)
1. Vape slow (Don’t pull hard) and but longer to get juicy vapor. This will not pull extra eliquid in to the vapor tube from the coil.

2. When filling new tank, give 1 minute atleast for soak time to avoid burning of the coil. If the coil gets burnt, then the only option is to change the mt3 coil. The wick of the coil gets worn out or burnt over time. So keep spare coils around.

3. if you are regular vaper, then it is advisable to change mt3 coil every week or 2 weeks depending on your experience.

4. We also encourage vaper to wash the coil every few days , dry them and reuse the,. Only if they are not burnt and the wick is intact in the coil.

Vaping without leaking in starter kits is unheard off. If you want leak proof device, then we suggest you upgrade to AIO Kit at It is designed for smokers who like mouth-to-lung vaping and also is popular for its leak proof design.

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