How To: Fix your leaking Inzio 900 Kits or Atomizer

how to fix leaking in vaporizer



Leakage is in vaporizer is common issue just don’t be panic

It doesn’t mean your vaporizer is faulty or damaged

In vape pen there are 3 part as per manual – Atomizer & Coils( replacement part) + 900 mah inzio Battery

And Battery is the main part and we have 14 day limited warranty in battery so if your battery is fine working then simply no need to worry if getting any kind of issue in battery feel free to contact us and we will be happy to replace it

Now let’s talk about leaking

We understand it’s feel awkward, most of the people when filling liquids in tanks/atomizer they open it touching the coils or mishandle the coils,

There is one white thin nylon tight band if its move by mistake then & there will be air flow and it will cause leaking from atomizer or juice can go in mouth during inhaling vaporizer

Remember coils (small part attached to atomizer) is heart of vaporizer or call it fuse its very delicate, coils helps to create smoke

As per the expert vapor some of the tips you can follow to fix the issue (it’s doesn’t fix or damaged better replace it and enjoy vaping):
Clean Atomizer (no coils) with normal water then you can also keep it in warm water for 15-20 mint
Then keep it to dry completely and put your ejuice again in your tank and try again it should be fix
You can also check if your coils is working keep it near to your hearing press the power button if you hear any sounds it means your coils is fine just need to replace atomizer, and keep this coils for future usages

You can also look some of the tips from expert:

New user must check our how to use inzio kit homemade video :
If after doing all the steps it’s doesn’t fix better replace it and enjoy vaping:

Get new Mt3 coils it’s available at Rs 59/- (keep always at least 5 coils for continues vaping)

Simple and guaranteed get new MT3 Atomizer with coils at just Rs 199/-

Hope it helps
Happy vaping !

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