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10 Mechanical Mod Safety Tips To Keep In Mind


A guide to mechanical mods would not be complete without safety tips. Here are some mechanical mod tips that may prove useful if you’re a newbie.

  1. Acquire a multimeter
    It helps you to monitor battery voltage and atomizer/clearomizer resistance, not to mention detecting shorts on the body of the mech mod.
  2. Battery type and quality
    Avoid unprotected standard lithium-ion batteries because they tend to overheat. Go for ICR chemistry battery instead or lithium manganese oxide (IMR) batteries which are less volatile.
  3. Battery chargers
    A fully-charged IMR battery should range between 4.15-4.20 volts. Anything above 4.25V is simply put, turning this into a little pipe bomb.
  4. Battery low voltage
    Have a multimeter on hand and if you don’t have one, make sure your battery is recharged at 3.6V as soon as the vapor production recedes.
  5. Battery polarity
    Make sure the battery is properly inserted.
  6. Battery stacking
    Use only a single battery.
  7. Remove batteries
    When not using your mechanical mod, remove the battery.
  8. Resistance testing
    Use atomizers and clearomizers with a resistance of less than 1.8 Ohms. To test, touch the positive probe to the center post where it stems from the device, and the negative probe to the metallic outer ring adjacent the post. Or you can also use a voltage drop meter to test the resistance.
  9. Vent holes
    Never use a mech without vent holes which allow gases to escape in case of overheating. Some mech mods have vent holes in the bottom – always check to see if the vent hole is operational while firing the mod. The reason being, in some mods the vent holes get covered by the firing pin.
  10. Firing button lock
    If your mod is good quality, it should have a switch-locking maneuver. Always keep the mod locked when not in use.

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