A guide to mechanical mods would not be complete without safety tips. Here are some mechanical mod tips that may prove useful if you’re a newbie. Acquire a multimeter It helps you to monitor battery voltage and atomizer/clearomizer resistance, not to mention detecting shorts on the body of the mech mod. Battery type and quality […]

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain’s drug regulators have given the go-ahead for a British American Tobacco electronic-cigarette vaping device to be sold as a quit smoking medicine, the first such product to be given a drug license in the UK. The decision to license BAT’s e-Voke product means it can now be prescribed on the state-funded […]

The Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Project India (the TCP India Project) today revealed the results of a study (the TCP India Survey) of the effectiveness and impacts of tobacco control legislation in India. The Report finds that while India has been a regional leader in implementing tobacco control legislation over the previous decade, a combination […]

It’s very simple all you have to do is to give us some feedback of the products you already tested! Vape Adda is always looking for different possibilities to improve the quality of our service and the quality of our products. That’s why we are looking for your feedback on our product and service! customers […]


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