How to Avoid Buying a Fake Vape Products?

Unreal discounts:
If the offer is unrealistically low, say, 40-50% of the MRP, then you are definitely buying a fake products, Most of the Vape products in  India is imported so you have to pay the price for genuine products

Never Buy from any individual in Social Media:
Most of the froud happening in social media like facebook and instagram, they post vape product claiming original and very cheap price
Chances are you will never get any products from them after making the payment, Even if you have opted for COD there is no surity of getting the original product

Don’t take risk of your Health & Body:
make sure you are buying 100% original and genuine products there are so many clone vape products coming in market in very cheap price, cheap e liquids at the price of Rs.30-80

Remember you are going to inhale it, you have already harmed your body from smoking then just don’t buy this Juices from any road side paan/bidy shop in cheap rate

Buy only Genuine vape product from the established well known company, Always check review of real customers, check in google since how long they are in business, check Quora and any other social media platform to learn about them