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How Vaping Helps People To Quit Smoking (Customer Reviews)

How Vaping Helps People To Quit Smoking

How Vaping Helps People To Quit Smoking

Is vaping better than smoking ? (John)

The simple and quick answer to this is a resounding YES!  But only if you are or were struggling with cigarette addiction.  It is very important for our youth to understand that neither smoking nor vaping is something to take up just because it seems hip or that blowing huge clouds and smoke rings are cool.  Vaping is without a doubt a less harmful method for nicotine delivery than cigarettes, but more long term studies still need to be conducted.  Regardless of whether the vape juice contains nicotine or not, our lungs are not designed to inhale huge vapor clouds every 30 seconds.  Is it safer than smoking?  Yes.  Is it still a lung irritate? Most likely.

But when it come to us former smokers, vaping has literally saved our lives.  I no longer have that dreaded morning cough.  I no longer suffer from upper respiratory infections which I seemed to get every six months.  After six years or vaping, I breath better and I feel better.  A secondary benefit is how vaping affects my wallet.  Smoking became a $200 a month habit before I switched to vaping in 2011.  At that time frame, it was a huge chunk of my disposable cash.  Smoking actually prevented me from enjoying the world around me because I was literally too broke to go anywhere.  When I switched to vaping, I went from a $200 a month habit to about $40.  This was a huge savings.

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