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Is your skin getting oily after switch to vaping? What VG/PG Ratio we should use ?

Is your skin getting oily after switching to vaping

It’s from stopping regular cigarettes.

A lot of our bodies are still cleansing, which means more pimples, oily skin. Stuff is getting pushed out.

Also the adjustment some notice, like lightheartedness, hot flashes.. those contribute to perspiration. The body gets really hot sometimes while adjusting to the increase in oxygen. This can carry on for weeks.

I noticed these things finally clearing up about 2 months into vaping, started reaching normal levels..Then I accidentally smoked a couple cigs the other day. I do that every so often cause I still wonder what they taste like.

I still get the false belief that a regular cigarette will give me a better rush/buzz.

They tasted awful, of course, and only made me more jittery, reminded me how on edge i was all the time with tobacco.

but, those couple of cigs sent my body back to square one really. i have to go through all these changes again as it pushes out the chemicals and cleanses once more.

I don’t think there’s any evidence PG or VG cause any kind of reactions like this, so my money is on it being a tobacco/chemical cessation symptom.


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