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What you need to know about using your new electronic cigarette vaporizer kit for the 1st time……

  • Please make sure you put both batteries on charge when your kit arrives – the normal charging time is about 2-2.5 hours. Though the batteries will have some charge in them when they arrive – they are in no way fully charged.
  • The first time you use your e-cig – inhale slowly 3 – 4 times, this helps the atomizer build up the level of vapor to acceptable standards. After doing this you can continue smoking as you normally do.
  • At night before going to bed, please disconnect the battery, this helps prevent the battery from running down over night. A battery can be recharged approximately 200-300 times before it becomes inefficient.
  • Please take good care of your vaporizer, as with any electronic device – it doesn’t like being dropped or crushed and this can seriously affect it’s lifespan.
  • Please clean and maintain the atomizer regularly. This helps to make sure you get the most from your vaporizer. We recommend compressed air – use this to blow through the atomizer – this will remove and dust/debris from building up. Please also make sure the gold contacts (the screw thread) is cleaned regularly too.
What is the difference between smoka and flavor ?

Smoka liquids is specially for smokers who smokes cigarette frequently its available in three Strengths 0.6,1.2,and 1.8 mg .Flavor Liquid can be used by anyone , flavor liquids are available in more than 20 different flavors which gives similar feel of hookah.



How much time it takes to reach our product ?

Bluedart courier services delivers in all the Metro Cities within 2 working days , to deliver the product in small cities sometimes can take 3 days .

Normally how much time a coil needed to be changed ?

In Inizio kit coils can last 15 -20 days for normal usage, I Just 2 Kit, AIO kit can last for more than a month it all depends upon an individual usage.

How many days 10 ml bottle can last ?

A 10 ml bottle can give you 2000 puffs. Everyone is different so your mileage may vary! Some people like to vape away all day while other people like to stick to their designated vaping breaks. As a rough guide, an average 20 a day smoker of traditional cigarettes gets through a 10ml bottle every 10 days or so.

Which one is the best Tobacco flavors Liquids in Smoka ?

Marco polo, Turkish gold, F55, and Wrangler are the best suggestive in tobacco liquids.

Which one is the best Flavor Liquid?

As per customers feedback and our most selling liquids are Frost BitePan Pasanda, Washington Applecoffee are the best suggestive in Flavor liquids. However you can buy any flavor liquids as per your personal taste.

How much is VG/PG ratio?

VG/PG content ratio is VG 70 and PG 30

Where can I track my product details ?

Once the product is dispatched from our end you automatically receive a shipment details to your registered Email ID, for further tracking the same product you can visit the www.bluedart.com
You can also check your spam email folder in case email gone to your spam folder , you must save our email address to get email delivery in your inbox

What is coupon and How to apply a coupon?

Coupon code you can use to get discount on your order and can save money , you can click on view cart from the top and proceed to checkout option, there are option to put coupon code for applying discount. Every coupon code has its expiry date so must check it validity. Please must subscribe our news letter for getting all the deals and offers every week you can also join our facebook page to get discount coupon code we share time to time.

How to get membership for vapeadda ?

Membership we will be starting soon, once we start you will be notified by email, there are so many benefits for our vip member.

New to E-Cigs ?

If you are new to electronic cigarettes the lack of information out there can be daunting.

What is it?

How does it work?

What do I need to start?

All vital questions you need to ask and know the answers to and yet everywhere you go there are hundreds of stores selling ecigs but no one talking to the newbie. How is this possible?

We’ll try to give you the information you need to get started with electronic cigarettes and get off the analogs (what we call a regular cigarette).
How an electronic cigarette works?

An Electronic Cigarette uses a rechargeable lithium battery and a replaceable cartridge/clearomizer/tank (atomizing device) filled with “eLiquid“. The process is simple, drawing (inhaling) on the ecig while pressing the power button (most ecigs have them) produces the physiological effect that a smoker seeks and starts an atomizing process that releases a vapor that is inhaled and gives the sensation of smoke (but it is not smoke). The vapor exhaled evaporates into the air within a few seconds. That’s it really.That’s all there is to it.

While it is NOT like regular cigarette it does seem like one, and without all the deadly chemicals. The beauty of electronic cigarettes is that you can even choose to use nicotine or not.

What is E-Liquids ?

ELiquid comes in a variety of flavors and strengths. Nicotine concentrations depend on the choice and are generally listed as a number. For example 18mg means 18 milligrams of nicotine by volume. 18mg happens to be the number that is most closely associated with the amount of nicotine in a standard analog (regular cigarette). Most vendors who sell eLiquid will give you the choice of higher or lower mgs. You will have to experiment to find out what is best for you. ELiquid needs only one of two components to work properly, Propylene Glycol (PG) and/or Vegetable Glycerin, both of which are used in the food industry in food you have probably eaten today!

Included with the two basics are nicotine and flavoring (both optional). The nicotine is self explanatory but the flavorings can be from the mundane “tobacco” to the exotic “Rum delight”. No one can tell you what you will or will not like, one person’s favorite flavor can be another’s least favorite. You will have to experiment. ELiquid also comes in many different tobacco flavors, all trying to replace the analog feeling.

While we can not sit here and tell you that inhaling VG/PG and flavorings is 100% safe what we can tell you is that these ingredients are used in food products and do NOT contain any of the thousands of toxic chemicals found in the average analog. Could there be a study in 10 years claiming ill effects from inhaling VG and or PG? Yes, but consider what you are inhaling now and come to your own conclusions.

Be warned though, always know what is in the Eliquid you purchase, asks the vendor for specifics, if they cannot tell you, do not buy it.

Is it OK to smoke and vape at the time ?

There is no evidence that smoking cigarettes and vaping at the same time is any worse than just smoking tobacco. But the greatest health benefits are seen when people stop smoking tobacco completely, so quitting smoking should be the goal.

Some people manage to switch completely to vaping quickly, while others take a little time. You may have to try a number of different e-cigarettes and e-liquids before you find one that helps you to stop smoking completely, but this is quite normal.

Will e-cigs be cheaper for me than smoking ?

Yes definitely, and you will notice savings very quickly compared with buying cigarettes.

Can i use e-cigarettes in places where i can't smoke ?

There are no laws preventing or restricting where you can use e-cigarettes. Some places, such as some sports stadiums and most airports, do not allow vaping while others do. If there are no signs indicating this then you should always ask. But it helps to be respectful when using e-cigarettes around others, especially non-smoker.

How do people use e-cigarettes to quit smoking ?
In a recent study, about 80% of smokers were able to completely replace cigarettes with electronic cigarettes in under 6 months. The majority of our customers have successfully quit smoking using electronic cigarettes. The most successful method we’ve found is to start using an e-cigarette whenever you crave a tobacco cigarette. After 1-2 weeks, you should notice your senses of taste and smell coming back, and you should be able to completely stop smoking cigarettes.
Why e-cigs?
  1. You can immediately stop putting over 3,000 harmful chemicals scientifically found in cigarettes into your body
  2. Most people gain over 10 pounds when they quit smoking because they substitute the hand-to-mouth motion of the cigarette with food.  Instead of food, now you use a fat-free, calorie-free e-cig!
  3. You control your nicotine intake.  The idea is to wean down your need for nicotine at your own pace.
  4. Hundreds of AWESOME flavors to choose from that taste good and smell good…you won’t want to smoke!
  5. Eliminate the future risk of smoking related diseases.
  6. Eliminate the raspy coughing and wheezing throughout the day.
  7. No more smokers breathe.
  8. No more yellowish skin, nails and teeth.
  9. No more breathing heavy when you climb a flight of stairs.
  10. With e-cigs you really can say goodbye to your smoking addiction…FOREVER!!
Can I use e-cigs indoors?

E-cigs are legal to use indoors, many companies and organisations have instituted their own bans, including a number of the large chain working areas.If in doubt, always ask first!

Do e-cigarettes leave a smell in your house or on clothes ?
No. Electronic cigarette leaves no lasting odor in either your house or your clothes.
Are e-cigs less harmful than smoking ?
Yes. Experts think that e-cigarettes are, based on what we know so far, less harmful than cigarettes. Smoking is associated with a number of very serious health risks to both the smoker and to others around them. So switching from tobacco to e-cigarettes substantially reduces a major health risk.
How to contact us ?

You can contact us on our customer support call : 7234810116 (Mon to Fri, 11AM-6PM)

What about health issues ?

Electronic cigarettes do NOT contain tobacco so they do not burn in the same way as traditional cigarettes. They do not produce ash, carbon monoxide, benzene or any of the other dangerous by-products which result from burning tobacco.

The vaporization process produces no smell or residue. People nearby do not face the passive smoking dangers that are associated with traditional cigarettes.

I have found your products on another website. How do I know if they're genuine ?

If in doubt, simply give us a call on 7234810116 and ask! Remember, your gut instinct is usually right and if something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

What does the term 'vaping' mean ?

When most people think of an electronic cigarette, they think it’s ‘like smoking’.  In fact, there is no ‘smoke’ involved, merely water vapour.

The term ‘vaping’ and ‘to vape’ is merely describing the action of using an electronic cigarette. If you enjoy vaping, you might even call yourself a ‘vaper’.

How long does my battery last before I need to recharge it ?
  1. 650mAh = 6-8 hours of use (approximately)
  2. 900mAh = 9-11 hours of use (approximately)
  3. 2600mAh = 12-14 hours of use (approximately)
  4. 3000mAh = 15-16 hours of use (approximately)
Why doesn't my discount code/ coupon code work ?

Sometimes discount codes/coupons aren’t applicable due to its validity or the deal pack is already having some fantastic deal. Please give us a call on  7234810116 or email support@vapeadda.com if you have any queries about this and we’ll do our best to assist.

Within how many hours my queries will be replied ?

We aim to reply to all queries within 48 hours of receipt. If your query is to amend or cancel an order please call us on 7234810116 to avoid disappointment.

What exactly is an E-Cigarette ?

An electronic cigarette (e-cig or e-cigarette) or personal vaporizer (PV) is a battery-powered device which simulates tobacco smoking by producing a vapour that resembles smoke. It uses a heating element known as an atomizer that vaporizes a liquid solution known as E-Liquid.

I’ve never used an E-Cigarette before, what do I need to start with ?

starter kit is highly recommended if you have made the decision to make the switch to a cheaper and healthier alternative. A starter kit includes everything you need to start vaping with the exception of the E-Liquid, which is sold separately.

Can i buy vaping parts separately ?

Yes, definitely you can buy the vaping accessories you want from our vapeadda website.

what Nicotine strength should I be using ?

18mg – Equivalent of 20 cigarettes per day.
12mg – Equivalent of 10 cigarettes per day.
6mg – Social smoker or if you use any kind light brand.

What's the difference between VG and PG E-Liquids ? What does it mean ?

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) e-liquid is a thick, slightly sweet liquid that produces luscious clouds of vapour. VG e-liquids deliver less of a throat hit. A minority of users complain about a build-up of phlegm in the throat.

Propylene Glycol (PG) e-liquid is much thinner and produces more of a throat hit than VG – this simulates the feel of smoking more authentically.

However, PG e-liquid may cause sensitivity in some users. We would then recommend using the VG e-liquids instead.

What strength liquid do I need ?

The strength of e-liquid needed correlates with the number of tobacco cigarettes smoked per day.

  • If smoking around 20 per day then 1.8% is advised
  • If smoking around 10 per day then start at 1.2%
  • If you are using an e-cig to help you stop smoking then reducing your e-liquid strength to 0.6% can be achieved within 3 – 6 months of vaping if desired.
Why was my order cancel by vapeadda ?

The strength of e-liquid needed correlates with the number of tobacco cigarettes smoked per day.

1.We regret the inconvenience caused due to order cancellation. Your order may have been cancelled due to any of the following reasons:
2.If product is out of stock or is discontinued.
3.Inaccuracies or errors in pricing information.
4.Shipping Address and Phone number given is not correct
5.If you have any question related to your cancellation feel free to contact our customer support

How do I cancel my order ?
If you wish to cancel your order, please follow these steps:
1.You can cancel order anytime before your order is dispatched.
2.Login to your VapeAdda Account, Click on the Cancel link against your order in the MY ORDERS section in My Account.
3.Once the cancellation request is created, we will ensure that the cancellation is processed on priority.
4.If the cancellation is after your product has shipped, you can do one of the following:
a.) If your product has shipped but has not yet been delivered, contact Customer Support and inform them of the same.
b.) If you received the product, it will be eligible for replacement, only in cases where there are defects found with the product.
If i recieved physically damage product can i get replaced ?
Delivery is usually safe, but, if you receive a damaged product you must contact us or raise ticket withing 24 hours of delivery  return/replace it. To avoid any hassle, go through the following steps:
1. On delivery, check if the product is packed properly, is factory sealed and there is no physical damage to the packaging.
2.If you are concerned, don’t open the product yourself. Call the Vapeadda customer care for further assistance.
Do i need to pay courier company to send the product back ?
Once you request a replacement on Vapeadda, customer has to bear the courier charges.
How my Payment will get refounded ?

Once you request refund on Vapeadda, Your refund amount will be credited back to only vapeadda wallet within 24hrs.

There’s e-liquid in my mouth. What should i do ?

This can sometimes happen if the atomizer has flooded, the cartridge overfilled, or if the e-cig has been drawn on too hard. However, the number one cause is keeping your e-cig upside down or putting pressure on the atomizer by keeping it in your pocket. We suggest keeping it upright at all times to ensure that the liquid is always kept below the top printed line on the atomizer

E-liquid may taste bitter so rinse your mouth out with water if this occurs. Use a paper towel to mop up any excess liquid you can see on and around the e-cigarette and make sure it as dry as possible before trying to use it again. Please be rest assured that small amounts of e-liquid will not have a negative impact on your health.

What is TC Vaping / Temperature Controlled Vaping ?

You set the temperature you want the atomiser to run at versus selecting the voltage or power output of the mod. This means that when you press the power button the e-cig mod monitors the temperature and intelligently adjusts the power to keep the coil at the desired temperature and maintain it.

What are the safety guides to charge my e-cig ?

All  electronic cigarette batteries must be charged using ONLY the correct charging cable. The USB Charging Cable must ONLY be used in either a USB port on a PC, or with the USB wall adapter.

The light on the battery will flash to indicate a proper connection and the light on the charging cable will turn from RED to GREEN once fully charged. Charging most batteries should take between 3 – 4 hours for a full charge. It is advisable that you only charge your battery once it is completely run down. The light on the battery will flash to indicate the battery is flat and requires recharging.

What are the safety guides for the battery ?
  • Store batteries and chargers in a cool, dry place at normal room temperature.
  • Do not leave batteries or chargers in hot places or under direct sunlight.
  • Keep sources of ignition such as flammable objects or liquids, sparks, electrical equipment, hot
  • objects and mobile phones well away from batteries and chargers.
  • Do not leave charging batteries unattended or leave charging for more than 4 hours.
  • Do not leave batteries on charge overnight.
  • Do not place batteries into high-pressure containers or near, or inside, microwaves.
  • Do not immerse batteries or chargers in water or otherwise get them wet.
  • Do not use batteries or chargers from alternative suppliers with Vapouriz products.
  • Do not disassemble, puncture, modify, or cause other unnecessary shocks to batteries or the chargers.
  • When the battery is not in use, disconnect the battery from the charger.
  • Switch off the battery when finished vaping – avoid carrying it in a pocket or bag when it is still on.
  • Do not use or charge batteries that appear to be leaking, discoloured, rusty, deformed; emit an odour; or are otherwise abnormal.
  • Do not use or charge batteries where the plastic sleeve or wrap had been damaged or torn.
  • Keep the batteries and the chargers away from children and pets at all times.
  • Do not use batteries or chargers in appliances or purposes for which they were not intended.
  • Dispose of batteries and chargers according to the local laws and regulations of your region.
  • Consider using a battery case when using and carrying 18650 batteries to avoid damage or unsafe contact.
  • When using any e-cig device check for ventilation holes, usually found on the bottom of the device.
  • When using devices that require more than one battery, try to ensure that the batteries are all at the same charge.
How Do I Fill my Tank ?
  • Make sure you thoroughly clean your atomizer, or tank, every time you refill it
  • Keep e-juice away from the center tube in the tank
  • Let the e-juice soak in for a few minutes after filling before you use it.
Normally how much time needed to be changed ?

In Inizio kit coils can last 15 -20 days for normal usage, I Just 2 Kit, AIO kit can last for more than a month it all depends upon an individual usage.

How i can adjust the Variable Voltage & Wattage of customizable kit (Wolke76tc, XTC80) ?

Voltage is what controls the level of heat going to your coil compared to your resistance to create wattage (which is power). You set the Voltage of the device.  So the same power will go to any device, any ohm.  Let’s say you have a 1.8ohm coil that works well at 3.6 volts, if you swap to a 2.5ohm coil on another device you will get a much different vape because the overall power to the coil has changed because of the added resistance. You would probably then up your voltage to maybe 4.3v to get the same kind of “vape”.

For variable wattage you set it once and forget it (sort of) Unlike variable voltage you are setting the end result output.  The Device takes into account the ohms and sets the output for you to arrive at the selected watts.

If you set your variable wattage mod to 8.0 watts two things will happen. First the mod will automatically detect the ohms of what you put on it, let’s assume a 2.5 ohm cartomizer. Second when you fire your device it will look to see the ohm rating of what your using, and then adjust the voltage, in this case to 4.4 volts, then fire. Likewise, without changing anything, should you swap that 2.5 ohm cartomizer, for a 1.8 ohm atomizer, the device will automatically detect the change in the ohms of your atomizer then fire at around 3.8 volts.

This isn’t to say you won’t ever change the wattage, you will, depening on the coil type, the liquid or other factors but you will most likley not do it as often.

How do I stop my atomizer leaking?

Leaking is easily preventable. Never let the liquid sit above the top line printed on the atomizer. This can happen if the unit is left upside down or on its side and will cause it to leak.  In order for the unit to work properly there must be a hole for the vapour to exit and this is an essential part of your Vapourizer Tank.

We strongly advise you NOT to keep your Tank in your pocket. Due to their long structure, putting it in your pocket puts undue stress on its joints which can cause an array of issues. If you must keep it in your pocket, remove it when you sit down.  Please try not to drop or crush it, as it can cause the unit to become misaligned and the joint between the battery and atomizer will weaken, shortening its life span.

Why my e-cig isn’t producing vapour ?

If it is not producing any vapour your atomizer may be empty. Replace your atomizer and fill your atomizer with e-liquid.

If you try to vape without any e-liquid, it could burn out your atomizer which could permanently damage it, making it unusable.

My battery doesn’t work although I’ve tried charging it. Am I doing something wrong?

It may be locked! Try clicking the button 5 times (quickly). It will flash a few times and will either lock/unlock itself.

Locking your battery will stop it being activated in your bag/pocket which will prevent burning out your atomizer, using up its charge and wasting your e-liquid.

It is important to lock the device every time you are finished with it, especially if you are around children.

I am facing throat burning issue while vaping, What should i do?

1.Do proper priming of coil with the E-liquids add 10 to 20 drops in that so cotton inside the coil will properly suck the e-liquids.

2.Try new coil because once the cotton Inside the coil is getting burned while vaping you have to change the Coil.

3.Use Different VG/PG Ratio because its depends on your body requirements weather its suits to you or not.

4.Just unscrew the coil little so that there is an airflow generate and burning issue will solve.

5.Keep your device in upright position(vertically) and not in sleeping position(horizontally)

6.First, make sure the coil has been primed correctly. After placing 5 drops of e-liquid on the coil and screwing in place (I unscrew it just slightly) you need to take 3 to 5 drags on it WITHOUT pressing the fire button.  This will draw up more e-liquid into the coil.  If you have gurgling and popping, you can pull the mouthpiece tip out and use a cotton swab to remove the excess e-liquid from the bowl.

All this things are not 100% Work with your case, its exprimental but 90% it’s Works sucessfully.