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American Cancer Society Position Statement on Electronic Cigarettes

American Cancer Society Position Statement on Electronic Cigarettes

The American Cancer Society Board of Directors approved the following position statement on electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) in February 2018. The position statement will be used to guide ACS’s tobacco control and cessation efforts as it relates to these products.   ACS Position Statement on Electronic Cigarettes Combustible tobacco products, primarily cigarettes, are the single greatest […]

If you are facing ” Throat Burning Issue ” in AIO Ego Coil then follow these steps

Throat burn issue in AIO ego coil solution, vapeadda

1.Do proper priming of coil with the E-liquids add 10 to 20 drops in that so cotton inside the coil will properly suck the e-liquids. 2.Try new coil because once the cotton Inside the coil is getting burned while vaping you have to change the Coil. 3.Use Different VG/PG Ratio because its depends on your […]

VAPING Destroying Cigarette Industry, Traders Say

A TV money expert has highlighted how vaping is destroying the cigarette industry after last week’s drastic drop in shares of key tobacco stocks. ‘Mad Money’ host Jim Cramer has spoken out about the huge shifts within the long-standing cigarette industry after it was “obliterated” on Wall Street. He went further by urging viewers not […]

Vaping vs Smoking ! The Reality with Proof (Credit :- Slivki Show-YouTube )

vaping vs smoking

Vaping vs Smoking So you have heard the buzz about the e-cigarettes and are excited about quitting cigarettes and giving vaping a try, right? However, before you jump straight in and join the vaping team, it is vital that you thoroughly examine the facts. Vaping: The Facts Vaping is still pretty new to the market, […]

Thinking of switching to e-cigarettes ? According to this study, vaping does not stain teeth (Source :- Hindustan Times))

Thinking of switching to e-cigarettes According to this study, vaping does not stain teeth

Teeth exposed to cigarette smoke over a period of 2 weeks become very discolored quickly, whereas teeth exposed to e-cigarette vapour or vapour from go, a tobacco-heated product, do not. Vaping does not stain teeth, a new research has suggested. According to a study conducted by British American Tobacco, teeth exposed to cigarette smoke over […]

Is your skin getting oily after switch to vaping? What VG/PG Ratio we should use ?

Is your skin getting oily after switching to vaping

It’s from stopping regular cigarettes. A lot of our bodies are still cleansing, which means more pimples, oily skin. Stuff is getting pushed out. Also the adjustment some notice, like lightheartedness, hot flashes.. those contribute to perspiration. The body gets really hot sometimes while adjusting to the increase in oxygen. This can carry on for […]

How Vaping Helps People To Quit Smoking (Customer Reviews)

How Vaping Helps People To Quit Smoking

Is vaping better than smoking ? (John) The simple and quick answer to this is a resounding YES!  But only if you are or were struggling with cigarette addiction.  It is very important for our youth to understand that neither smoking nor vaping is something to take up just because it seems hip or that […]

E-cigarettes should be on sale in hospital shops, health body says


  Vaping should be widely used as a way to help people quit smoking and e-cigarettes should even be offered for sale in hospital shops, the government’s public health body has said. At least 20,000 people a year could be giving up cigarettes thanks to vaping, according to Public Health England’s (PHE) latest review, which […]

E-cigarette help to quit Smoking, [Article By DECCAN Chronicle]

best vaping ecigarette available in india

  Washington DC: Good news! Vaping is safer, as a study recently reveals that adults who use e-cigarettes daily were three times more likely to quit cigarettes compared to those who have never tried e-cigarettes. Researchers at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health and the Rutgers School of Public Health found that over half of […]

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