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  1. akoundinya says:

    I bought this kit Wolke76TC from here. I recevied the kit sometime 24th October 2018. In less than 2 months, the mod’s display is not working. My requests for a resolution has gone in vain. Vapeadda says this is an imported kit and there is nothing they can do about it and since it has been 2 months from the date of purchase they will not replace it also. If the display is not working, you cannot change the atomiser or battery since you will not be able to make any settings. It has been a disappointment and my investment of Rs. 5000 for this kit has been wasted. Please think before you buy this kit.

  2. prashanthiyangar says:

    I have stopped buying cigarette since I started smoking liquids.

    I like most of the flavours but I’m a fan of GUDANG Flavour among them all.

  3. abhilash.swapnik says:

    Most of the flavours are good and worth trying. With vaporuizers i have gone from cant quit cigarettes to bye bye cigarettes. Prices are slightly high for atomizers. I bought MOuth tips for 99, which was absolutely useless. That was a sad experience.

  4. shuva.ghosh says:

    Guys…for those who want to quit smoking, use the smoka “No Flavor” eliquid. You will get same kick and taste as you have been getting from cigarettes.

    Vapeadda – Really cool place for all the vaping needs.

  5. Sayan B says:

    Guys, this is a very good website. The products are good, service is awesome. Amongst the eliquids I found Coffee awesome. Wrangler & paan is also good. In no tobacco section leechi is very good. Overall very good & reliable.

  6. akshaysayinghai says:

    Hello vapeadda, my name is akshay I placed an order for inzio900 starter kit on 10 jan 18. Waybill for order 29733 is 34454362972 . while tracking on Bluedart website from and to address for the consignment is same navimumbai.
    I want to know the current status for my order.waiting for reply. Urgently please contact me on my mobile no or email.

  7. Ajit says:


    I purchased Wolke 76TC. Initially I ordered smoka liquids with it. All were different flavours. i hated them and I only liked no flavour. Next time I ordered only no flavour liquids. I didn’t know how the to change the coil there were no clear directions. I gave a negative feedback. But then I watched video and came to know how to change coil. It’s a great product with everything replaceable. Good job. I love vaping. Quit smoking since 2 months now. Now I have got to know which flavour to choose.

  8. singh.a.prashant says:

    I was happy to know that ordering the Starter Kit came to me really fast. However, now it’s really painful to know that the customer support is far beyond the reach of customer, no contact numbers, tickets unanswered, etc. while ordering the Smoka Liquids which haven’t reached me since my order over a week now!!

    Please provide better customer support service (a contact number to reach you) to understand the exact status of our orders, when needed.

  9. jithindasafs says:

    Hello vapeadda, my name is Jithin I placed an order for inzio900 starter kit with 3 juice combo on 21 Nov 17. Waybill for order 28142 is 34454089412. When contacted BlueDart customer care, they told me the shipment is returned back to vapeadda(source).
    I didn’t get any intimation for the same from vapeadda or BlueDart. moreover while tracking on Bluedart website from and to address for the consignment is same navimumbai.
    I want to know the current status for my order.waiting for reply. Urgently please contact me on my mobile no or email.

  10. Tony Sebastian says:

    Had purchased the Inizio 900 starter kit and 5 Smoka ELiquids. Great deal. Inizio 900 is a very good device for the price, good vapour production and flavour. No issues so far. Had purchased the 0.6% and 1.2% strength ELiquids. Found it a bit low in nicotine strength to my liking. Will order the 1.8% strength soon. First time trying out vaping, really enjoying it. Happy Vaping to all.

  11. Ram says:

    Hi this is Dr.Ram..Its really a boon for those who want to quit smoking..I started using this one month back..itsAWESOME..definitely five out of five stars..I want to thank Mr.Trilog a senior person in this Vapeadda who helped me clarifying many things and helped me during shipping process ..I receive things ordered within two days..again hats off to u guys..six persons in our family are using it after my recommendation..

  12. syed.must88 says:

    just got my Inizio 900 Kit+5 Smoka Liquids in 1 day I am very happy with the service, tried couple of liquid so far.
    Device is very cool I would like to give 5 stars for this device and the price is very cheaper compared to other products, I would recommend this device for the starters who are looking to experience vaping.
    coming to the liquids Coffee and Energy Drink is awesome!!!!

  13. Ebi Philip Vattasseril says:

    The product is good!! But the service is missing at some points!! Do not want to demotivate!! But I ordered for 3 roasted coffee flavour and the send me one roasted coffee and two rose flavours!! Other than that they really good and fast!! Good product quick delivery and value for money!!

    Mostly it helps so far!! It’s been two days I have not even bought one singe cigarette where I used a to smoke about 18 to 20 cigs a day!!!!

  14. Robin says:

    The Vapeadda team is amazing…. I have ordered from them multiple times and the products are of very good quality and their service is out of the box…. My favorite is Coffee Roast and the team has made sure that everytime I order they deliver it on time…… Kuddos to the team…..

  15. mac29aug says:

    Total Game changer…… wrangler is just too good. I must say, this is the flavour for which I have completely quit smoking. So far my favourite….. it gives you actually smoking kinda feeling. Many many Thanx to Vapeadda for making such awesome flavours available for its users.

  16. mac29aug says:

    Total Game changer…… wrangler is just too good. I must say, this is the flavour for which I have completely quit smoking. So far my favourite….. it gives you actually smoking kinda feeling.

  17. Himesh Panchal says:

    Awesome ! Got the delivery today. and its awesome. whole team even the COD guys are really really cooperative 😀 thankyou vapeadda and reyan and all the people who replied over the chat in order to clear my doubts.

  18. Rizwan says:

    not at all happy with the service … i ordered deal pack on 9th of august , order no. 11588 … it said it was shipped on the same day n i got a msg stating that my order will arrive by today … but i tracked my order .. it says that i cancelled my order … very dissapointed with the service

    • Harsh Roy says:

      Dear Rizawan, we already shipped your order on 9 August and on delivery..shipping company status showing customer rejected the delivery..canceled by customer.. its not our fault..
      next any order from you we can resend only on paid, you can call our customer support if you have any concern -thanks

  19. khasnobis.a says:

    Hi! Anirban here,, started vaping more than a year back. Tried many liquids but found the ivape & the Smoka the best one.. I’ve used many types of cartomizer & presently using the Tron tank with the evic vtc mode 75W.
    Now for this setup more liquids required to get the quality output, coffee is my favorite flavor to vape.. Thanks VapeAdda to provide me the quality liquids.
    Just a request to you to please start the options of 30 ml/ 120 ml bottles.. Also keep the accessories like 18650 battery , wide bore drip tips, dyi heating wire kits etc..
    Again really thankful to you guys for providing nice services to your customers.

  20. m.s.annadurai says:

    I complained about the atomizers which I bought, on this review page after tried with the given phone number… very same day night someone called from vapeadda and promised me to replace the 2 atomizers on my next order. They did as they said…( ofcourse yet to check .. it’s leaking or not…)Really GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE… THANKS VAPEADDA… and one more thing… I tasted SMOKA liquid which’s bought from the otherseller… there is so much difference… VapeAdda liquid is good…SMOKA COFFEE and ROSE WATER… I LOVE THE TASTE… Thanks…

  21. dg12arnab says:

    3 tanks, 4 bottles of e-liquid, one inzio 900 and 3 coil heads is what are required for me to last a month. VapeAdda provides all of them with a high quality. Their Smoka flavours are excellent, device build quality is good and the battery also lasts me a day with one full charge. I had a leakage problem but I fixed it by adding a flavour wick.
    However, there are few things VapeAdda can improve.

    Firstly, I keep upsetting my stomach while vaping and I feel it is because of the PG. I tried reducing the nicotine strength but to no avail and feel VapeAdda should have a 100% VG based juice option. This is the main reason I cannot completely shift to vaping.

    Secondly, I feel VapeAdda should sell their coil heads with a flavour wick or sell the wicks separately. It is quite hard to find 2mm silicon wicks out in the market and the flavour wick makes a huge difference when it comes to flavour richness.

    Other points include options for 30ml containers, more options on mods and atomizers, express delivery on COD, etc. But for me as an individual the first point is of urgency.
    I hope VapeAdda finds this feedback helpful in order to improve their products and servides.

    Cheers and Happy Vaping

  22. phss_4 says:

    After thorough research through internet, I bought my first e-gigarette and e-liquids from vape adda. I have been vaping for the past 3-4 months. The products of this online seller are excellent. The clearomizer produces good amount of vapour and the e-liquids ( I mainly use apple and coffee) have fantastic flavour. The products are cheap and easily affordable but with excellent quality. Now, I have completely quit smoking. Thanks to vape adda. I have decided to be a buyer of this seller in future also. 5 stars to vape adda.

  23. naveen says:

    It has been 5 days I am on vaping. But now the problem arises. I used ur instructions correctly as it was on manual while filling and vaping but from yesterday I see some amount of liquid coming out between the battery and the coil and after 6 or 7 puffs I am noticing heat( temp rise) at the junction of battery and atomiser I.e coil . My question is that I can’t wape correctly while I am waping I have to feel like a liquid struck and when I blow slowly into the atomiser I see liquid at the battery so what should I do return the product or purchase a coil or the atomiser problem? Please reply my question asap please.

    • naveen says:

      Just dismantled the product and the coil and cleaned everything with a cloth and everything is back to normal thanks for online videos.. I just experienced a hit with a 12 mg menthol flavour yess loving it as I had a cigarette after 3 days it’s a hit mann really should try and switch to vape everyone it’s really working… and it’s awesome and healthy than a cigarette yess should everyone try this enjoy vaping….

  24. naveen says:

    i bought your Vaporizers eCigarette starter Kit and a smoka nicotine free 18 mg menthol flav 6ml and Frost Bite flavor eLiquid(currently using it) . ur products are just awesome delivered to my location in two days but the worst part is the courier guy took extra 2 days to deliver it. so about me i am a chronic smoker from 7 years and i am a doctor. so one year ago i took using ecig just like ur product and used nicorette after 1 – 2 mnths the product is faulty and tried tried other ecig from flipkart but all of those were not satisfactory and duplicate products and doesnt give good flavours as u provide. and i am fed up and relapsed on smoking 1 pack a day now i tried ur product and is just awesome… thank u ur product is the best product ever tried and the best flavor ever tried.. frost bite flavour was awesome. thank u vapeadda for providing quality ecigartettes and flavours in india. hope my sy smoking tobacco days are gone…..

    • vapeadda says:

      Dear Naveen,
      Thanks for liking our products and really Appreciate your feedback.
      Since you are a doctor so your valuable feedback will help other smokers

      This time we are sure you will quit smoking…we have over 500 regular customer using our products and already quit cigarette
      Keep Vaping …Happy vaping!

  25. nikhil says:

    If any one Wants to Quit Smoking This is it The best priced 900mah E-cig Staterkit With Good quality product I was bit disappointed that there was no coil in the E Cig Parts List but after i requested. the coil was added. i like the Quick response to words customer.this is the best staterkit @ this price and quality in online websites i love VapeAdda. Live long-Vape on

  26. Krishna Teja says:

    This is my 2nd review,focusing on E-liq.

    Just some extra information on Smoka flavor E-liquids:

    6MG-Just like smoking GoldFLake kings or classic milds to throat.
    12MG: Very Strong at throat,just like DavidOFF kings.
    18MG: Damn Strong at throat,just like smoking a Vintage Cigar.

    Wrangler is a true pleasure for smokers,Marco Polo is a Pure classic German Cigar.Apple is the best Flavor and stands Unique.

    3rd Week of Vaping and i already forgt wat is cigrette.Im totally satisfied with Vape Adda.

    Any one who is thinking to buy this product,please go for it
    #Quit Smoking #Keep VAPING

  27. Krishna Teja says:

    Anand i apologies to point you guys for the late delivery,i regret.You guys have a great service.I finally got it.

    OMG i cant beleive how cool it is to vape…its just an amazing stuff.Just tried Mojito and Coffee,a true way to relax of IT guys.IM so much into it rite now…vape on and on…

    I Have already recommended this product to all my colleagues and frnds….

    Come on Guys Keep ####VAPING####

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